The outline of "hoku-raku" and information about the present operation are carried by this page.

About "hoku-raku"

A manager of our site is born by Toyama in the Japanese Hokuriku area, lives on Toyama and Ishikawa to the middle of twenties and lives in Tokyo at present.

When living in Hokuriku area originally, I had a lot of movement by car and also had almost no chances to use a railroad as well as chances to take the Shinkansen.

But when Lantern Festival and New Year's will live in Tokyo, and return home to Toyama in localness, I'm going to use Joetsu shinkansen each time.

The Hokuriku-Shinkansen several years had passed and by which they're March, 2015 started from there. Hokuriku area was watched by the timing, and a topic in Hokuriku area was often also judged from a commercial and an advertising medium of a handbill in Tokyo.

But... Hokuriku area is watched by opening of the Hokuriku-Shinkansen, but a local person knows, and natural information has not gone out to a table at all.

I came to think "More tourist attraction, good food and good liquor are here. I want you to know true charm in Hokuriku area and, I'd like to tell."

Hokuriku area is motorized society. When there are no cars, if I do very inconvenient concern for example am Toyama, there are also a street car, a semipublic joint venture company "I ask about the style of meeting, oh, railroad" and a bus. I also think "When I also deal with information on a public transportation, it may be saved."


"Information about the Hokuriku-Shinkansen"
"The information which wasn't probable"
"The information which is convenient and useful when it isn't also cared about, but a local person learns from the other for a visited way,"
I focused on the above mentioned topic and started our site as an information site.

About a tour checking function.

A person who has an interest in travel to Hokuriku area recommends participation in the tour planned from a travel agency first.

A tour with "round trip ticket for Shinkansen+ stay" is often planned, so there are a lot of people who use a tour for the person who doesn't have much travel experience and the person who would like to save time of the arrangements.

I made sure that you can search for dissemination of information having and a tour more than API of Mr. club tourism of a major travel agency by our site. -> A tour search is from this.

It's possible to search a key word search for the tour that I'm planning at present as well as the tour that you can take the Hokuriku-Shinkansen, so please utilize by all means.

When knowledge about the Hokuriku-Shinkansen is deepened like me taking the use of our site as a start, and I make use of the surrounding information, traffic, sightseeing, an itinerary and job information even a little as a place by the information collection, it's lucky.

The person you can do information provision of is being recruited.

The number of reading of the site is also receiving support gradually and involves, and also develops, and I'm glad. The readership is in teens in monthly 80,000 PV (page view) as of the end of October, 2015-, seventies and even, it's the feature that there are a lot of ladies little about the ratio of the men and women widely.

I'll be thinking I'll make more information enrich and be running after information every day from now on, but I don't still catch up.

Information about the Hokuriku-Shinkansen (If it's related, the Hokuriku-Shinkansen is permitted everything basically.) and information about a good store in Hokuriku area, good food and good liquor are being wanted by our site at present.

If there is a person who can cooperate, I would like to ask "inquiry" to contact me. The person who can write an article is being recruited at any time, too. (Please inquire and indicate the effect on a space.)


When our site was renewed, even RSS is delivered. When I can request subscription by a RSS leader if it's good, it's lucky. You can subscribe to Feedly.

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